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The Convenors

The IPT 2024 is convened by the International Association for Democratic Lawyers (IADL) and the Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) to investigate and address the war crimes committed by the US-supported Marcos and Duterte regimes.

International Association of Democratic Lawyers

Since the IADL’s (International Association of Democratic Lawyers) founding in 1946 in Paris, IADL members have participated in the struggles that have made the violation of human rights of groups and individuals and threats to international peace and security, legal issues under international law.

Committed to the principle of equality among peoples, the rights of all peoples to self-determination, the elimination of imperialism and colonialism and the peaceful settlement of international disputes, the members of IADL who share these objectives include individual lawyers and judges and regional and affiliated national lawyer and jurist associations from over ninety countries.

Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle

The FFPS (Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle) is a global solidarity organization that is united to support the Filipino people in their struggle for genuine democracy, freedom, and social liberation. FFPS members are united in the belief that the Filipino people as a sovereign people have a right to struggle against US domination and struggle for genuine social change against oppressive rule.

The FFPS supports the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) as a people’s movement advancing national and social liberation and promoting the realization of their 12-Point Program.


The IPT 2024 is endorsed by the following organizations.

The IPT 2024 is endorsed by the following individuals:

  • Former Australian Senator Janet Rice – Australia
  • Fr. Claude Pax Christi – Australia
  • Chona Davidson, 1Sambayanan – Australia 
  • Prof. Ed Escultura, Movement Against Tyranny – Australia