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The International People’s Tribunal 2024 will be presided by a panel of international jurors.


Lennox Hinds

Lennox Hinds is founder of the National Conference of Black Lawyers and former counsel for the African National Congress. In addition to his practice as a criminal defense and international human rights lawyer, he was Nelson Mandela's US attorney and served as counsel for the African National Congress. He currently teaches in the Criminal Justice Program at Rutgers University.

Suzanne Adely

Suzanne Adely is a founder of the Middle East, North Africa Labor Solidarity Network in the United States. She is a long-time member of Al-Awda-NY, the National Lawyers Guild, and the Defend the Egyptian Revolution Committee of New York.

AB Joris Vercammen 2019

Joris Vercammen

Joris Vercammen is a Belgian cleric and archbishop of the Old Catholic Church, active in the Netherlands. Vercammen was elected to the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches in 2006.


Séverine de Laveleye

Séverine de Laveleye is a Belgian politician active for Ecolo. In 2018 she was elected as a municipal councilor of Vorst for Ecolo. She was elected as as a member of the Chamber of Representatives in the 2019 elections.


Julen Arzuaga Gumuzio

Julen Arzuaga Gumuzio is a Basque politician, writer and lawyer, member of the Euskal Herria Bildu coalition in the Basque Parliament since 2012. He is part of the European Association of Democratic Lawyers.